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החזון שלנו

"מי ייתן וכל הנכנס כאורח יעזוב כחבר"

אמנת השירות שלנו

At the Bells Hotel we are proud of our unique approach to hospitality. While we own and operate the hotel, we are directly involved in day-to-day operations, including running the front desk and working shifts just like any regular employee.

Weird right?

You may find it unusual, but this hands-on approach allows us to connect with our guests, listen to their heart murmurs and maintain direct contact with them.

It also allows us to be flexible in meeting their needs, whether it's serving guests their favorite coffee, enjoying an evening conversation over a beer in the lobby, or helping them plan an event customized to their preferences, style and schedule.

We believe that this personal touch creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where guests feel like friends from the moment they walk in the hotel door. This level of care and attention sets us apart as a boutique hotel near the Old City of Jerusalem.