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Home to the House of Representatives of the State of Israel complete with assembly halls, meeting rooms, art collections and rooms for official state receptions.

Built by the architects Ada Carmi Melamed and her brother Ram Carmi and opened in the year 1992. The building, built from simple materials, is very elegant and connected to the character of Jerusalem and to its Jewish inheritance.

The story about the Western Wall starts from the behind it over a terraced mountain called the mount of Moriah built manually 2000 years ago and which has not been seen since.

The Old City of Jerusalem is considered to be thousands of years old – and to date – one of the holiest cities in the world. Jerusalem is home to the remains of the holiest sites of the three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The Kotel Tunnels are empty underground spaces throughout the Western Wall starting from under the Muslim Old City Quarters in Jerusalem in buildings from the second temple period, middle ages and new era. 

The Tower of David History of Jerusalem Museum is located in a middle-ages tower known as the King David Tower near the Jaffa Gate. 

The Memila Avenue is located outside the Old City and is the most elegant leisure and shopping avenue in Israel, designer shops, cafes, and breathtaking scenery, and art galleries await you in the area.

The Big Synagogue is an impressive synagogue in King George Street in Jerusalem adjacent to the Heichal Shlomo building and next to the Yeshurun synagogue. 

Ben Yehuda Street runs from King George Street and Jaffa Street in the center of Jerusalem and is one of the main leisure areas, attracting visitors and locals who mainly call the street “the Midrachov”.

The Israel Museum is Israel’s main and one of the most important Israeli museums with extensive and beautiful collections of historical artifacts from around the world. 

The renewed market, colorful and lively awaits you for a once in a lifetime visit where you can enjoy the richness of the fruit and vegetable stands, authentic spices, aromas,.

Nachalat Shiva is an old neighborhood in the center of Jerusalem and part of the moving out of the city walls procedure started in the year 1869. 


The gardens hold over 1000 different types of plants and trees which can been seen, smelt and often tasted.  

A wonderful street full of shops, cafes and different types of restaurants.  This is the main road of the German Colony in Jerusalem. 

The largest shopping mall in Jerusalem, holding many major and varied restaurants, adjacent to the Teddy Stadium – the Jerusalem football stadium.

The only repertoire museum in Jerusalem. Built in 1968 in the original and beautiful Chan building in the city. The theater has around 200 performances a year.

The Old Train Station in Jerusalem is one of the city’s historical symbols and is the main cultural and leisure center of Jerusalem. The Train Station Compound offers visitors to Jerusalem an exceptional and unique experience. 

Once the home to the Jordanian outpost and returned to Israel by paratroopers in the Six Day War. Today this is home to the paratrooper’s museum which you are invited to visit and walk through the tunnels and bunkers following the route of the troopers.

The Biblical Zoo is a wonderful and large park which you must visit.  In the Biblical Zoo there are no cages but there are animals living in nature.

Movies archives including new and old Israeli films.

Graveyard to major Israeli historical figures, including Herzl who foresaw the State of Israel and after whom the mountain is named.