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wall painting

The Jerusalem Municipality, Pesh and the Paamonim Hotel present:

wall painting 

The wall of the hotel, located on Jaffa Street, which is the main street of central Jerusalem, has been decorated and renewed.

The project was launched under the leadership of the Jerusalem Municipality and with the help of the well-known street artist Lior Bentov.

Long months of planning have yielded a painting that is appropriate for our special city and the diverse audience that lives in and visits it and has created the idea of ​​the “Dove of Peace among Humans”.

A painting with meaning, hope and prayer befitting the Holy City.

The painting – which rises to a height of eight stories, in bright colors, of a giant dove of peace and within it, combined in a three-dimensional shape with two human faces – is hard to miss.

The height of the wall and its central location posed a great challenge for the performers.

The project included five nights of feverish painting with a high-level crane followed by a lower-level crane, with roadblocks and sidewalks blocked, with a projection of a light projection and with an attached painter’s assistant.

But it was worth it.

Passers-by will enjoy a special and unique street art, which matches the charm of the city of Jerusalem.

Come, have fun, take photos and tag us!

Photographer: Avidov Bernstein